jl audio system

the best sound imaginable

Each element of the comprehensive JL Audio stereo systems aboard our 2020 Nautiques has been designed to perform seamlessly with one another to produce the best on-water sound experience imaginable. All Nautique models include the JL Audio MM100s head unit that delivers crisp and clear signals to the JL Audio speakers on board, all of which are powered by JL Audio amplifiers. With a great standard package for each boat, there are also upgraded options depending on the boat model that can include JL Audio subwoofers, MVi amplifiers, tower speakers, additional zone control and our exclusive JL WaveFrontâ„¢ technology.

JL Audio® - MVi Amplifiers

We've introduced a new technology in our comprehensive JL Audio Stereo systems with their brand new MiVi Marine Amplifiers aboard our G-Series models. Utilizing studio-quality digital signal processing (DSP), these new amplifiers have been tuned by JL Audio engineers specifically for each boat in the G-Series line-up to optimize the performance of your system. This gives you the best acoustic results every time you turn your stereo on, so you never have to worry about fine-tuning your settings and can just enjoy listening.


JL MM100s Head Unit

Available on the G21, G23, and G25, our exclusive JL WaveFront technology utilizes speakers and a specially-tuned aperture at the base of the windshield that fills the lounge with perfect sound.

Listen to clear sound with the JL Audio MM100s head unit aboard every nautique. Bluetooth connectivity and superior audio quality make the JL Audio system the pinnacle in marine sound.

Transom Remote

Whether you are just hanging out on the back platform or getting ready for your set, control the music from the back of the boat with the JL Audio Transform Remote.

Tower Speakers

Outfit your Flight Control tower with either 7.7" or ." JL Audio speakers to hear crystal clear sounds while riding or surfing.

Zone Control

Customize the music volume in different areas of your Nautique with integrated zone control included on al Super Air Nautiques. Each zone is easily controlled via the LINC Panoray screen. Add an additional zone with the stereo upgrade option.